ComColor® X1 7110

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Copying, scanning, and printing in full color and black and white has never been so easy!

The RISO ComColor X1 7110 delivers an overwhelming print speed of 120 ppm in full color and startup takes no more than 5 seconds!  RISO’s ComColor X1 7110 full-color inkjet printer combines outstanding print speed, high-volume capabilities, and low operating costs to create theideal color printing solution. Featuring simple, intuitive controls and robust print production capabilities, the ComColor X1 7110 allows you to add full-color printing to everyday print jobs, but also gives you a low-cost alternative for printing black and white. The 120 ppm ComColor X1 7110 inkjet printer is specifically designed for high-speed print production at a very low cost, featuring a single paper source and 1,000 sheet input capacity.

With a small footprint, the ComColor X1 7110 fits easily into most office environments. It is also ENERGY STAR® certified, with a host of energy-saving features which makes it one of thegreenest printers on the planet. ComColor X1 7110 will allow you to get your printing jobs done quickly, easily, and reliably with a reduced impact on our environment.