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Scan, distribute, process, manage and print your ledger-sized documents


The MFX-2855D is the perfect solution for creating distribution-ready output and digitizing documents for delivery or retention.


With the MFX-2855D reproducing high-quality images at 28 pages-per-minute is easy. Using the intuitive touch screen interface you can quickly program copy jobs, adjust image settings and select from a host of professional finishing options, such as stapling, hole-punching or offset stacking.


The 100-sheet automatic document feeder allows you to load large copy, fax and scan jobs without having to break them into multiple sets, while the single-pass duplex scanner efficiently processes two-sided originals.The MFX-2855D also features criss-cross sorting, which automatically rotates each set during a print/copy job, to create a distribution-ready output.


Time-saving Macro keys can reduce the keystrokes by allowing you to program frequently used copy command strings into a single executable button, allowing for one-touch job initiation. The Card Copy mode is a tremendous timesaver for medical offices and/or financial institutions that need the ability to quickly capture two-sided media, such as insurance cards, driver’s licenses or checks, onto a single page.


Digital document delivery is available at the touch of a button on both devices. Users can walk-up and quickly scan color documents directly to a network folder, e-mail address, FTP site and/or fax terminal.The MFX-2855D also features ScanTag, which enables you to seamlessly capture document images and metadata from the MFX-2855D touch screen and index them directly into document management software.


Utilizing an innovative delivery system, the MFX-2855D and MFX-2850D allows users to actually browse their corporate network from the touch screen, mirroring the file navigation system on their PC. Frequently scanned-to locations can be pre-registered into shortcut keys, allowing for one-touch scan initiation.


When scanning documents to an e-mail address users can add a custom file name (document being scanned), e-mail subject line and/or e-mail body text, all using the intuitive QWERTY keypad.


The MFX-2855D allows users to create color copies, using the innovative scan to print monitor utility and a network color printer. The utility easily installs on a workgroup PC and routes color documents scanned from the device to a preset color printer. This solution is perfect for environments who would like to produce color copies without having to invest in a full-blown color MFP.


Not to be outdone the MFX-2855D also serve as a powerful workgroup printing solutions. Both devices allow users to eliminate costly desktop printers, while taking advantage of faster print speeds, document finishing options and a lower output cost.




  • Intuitive Operation
  • Large, back-lit touch screen quickly navigates users through job set-up and execution.
  • Customizable “soft keys” allow users to customize the default screens with the features they utilize most often.
  • Interactive voice guidance system provide step-by-step instruction for paper jam removal, machine set-up, job execution and more.
  • Macro keys allows users to consolidate lengthy job commands, or group folder shortcuts together, into a single executable command.
  • Customized Output Solutions
  • Two 500-sheet cassettes come standard, each capable of handling letter, legal or ledger size media.
  • Standard 150-sheet multipurpose bypass tray allows for convenient printing of labels, envelopes, letterhead, transparencies and more.
  • Standard criss-cross sorting, which automatically rotates each set during a print/copy job, to create a distribution-ready output.
  • Standard duplex printing
  • Optional paper options include:
  • Two 500-sheet paper cassettes (LTR, LGL, LDG).
  • One 500-sheet paper cassette with small storage cabinet (LTR, LGL, LDG).
  • One 2,500-sheet large capacity cassettes (LTR only).
  • Large storage cabinet (only available w/standard configuration).
  • Standard electronic sorting with options that include:
  • 3-Position staple finisher can staple up to 50-sheets and allows for shift-sort job separation.
  • 2-Position hole punch kit.
  • Network Navigation
  • Digitally deliver documents to network folders, e-mail addresses, FTP sites and/or fax terminals – all at the touch of a button!
  • Customize outgoing e-mail transmissions with a specific file name, subject line, text message and network attachment.
  • Share a centralized printing resource to reduce operating costs.
  • DHCP compliant for instant network connection (static assignment also supported).
  • Automatically archive outbound fax & e-mail transmissions to a secure network location to assist with regulatory compliance.
  • LDAP directory support for server-based contact access (Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP)
  • Seamlessly capture document images and metadata (document indexing information) from the MFX-2855D touch screen and index them directly into document management software (ScanTag).
  • Browser-based MFP management enables machine programming, status monitoring and workflow creation from a PC.
  • Powerful Digital On-Ramp
  • 100-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) enables copying, scanning or faxing large jobs without having to break them into multiple sets.
  • Ledger-size platen glass enables the copying, scanning or faxing of documents that cannot be fed through the ADF.
  • Card copy mode allows for the capture of two-sided identification cards or checks onto a single sheet of paper.
  • Single pass duplex scanning captures two-sided originals in a single pass, thus increasing scan efficiency while reducing paper jams and roller wear.
  • High-resolution color scanning to network folder, e-mail addresses and or/ FTP sites.
  • Automatic mixed original detection will recognize if letter/legal documents have been combined in the ADF and then scan them appropriately.