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Planet Press Suite
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What is PlanetPress Suite?

PlanetPress Suite is a professional software solution allowing organizations to maintain and grow their customer base by adding value to business documents and distributing them in a format that best suits the recipient preferences.

Its ease of use, affordability and open architecture make it the perfect solution to quickly and easily enhance, produce and distribute business documents with relevant content that will be sure to capture the reader's attention and get the message across.

  • Turn every communication into an opportunity to build loyalty and fuel sales
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Use technology to create revenues
  • Improve your business processes with no change to systems in place
  • Drive more business with better communications

Key PlanetPress Suite Features

  • Object oriented workflow tools: The PlanetPress Suite workflow tools offer numerous easy to use built-in objects to simplify connecting to and communicating with almost any enterprise application. Advanced programs and scripts can be written for an unlimited level of integration.

  • Support for a wide variety of data and document input: PlanetPress Suite allows you to work with almost any type of data or document. Built-in emulations include ASCII & Line printer data, CSV, Database, Channel Skip, PDF and XML; you can also implement your own with our embedded script technology – PlanetPress Talk. Once PlanetPress Suite receives the data or document, it can be used to drive the document content, distribution and workflow dynamically.

  • Unique Windows driver for input from any Windows application: PlanetPress Suite’s workflow tools come with their own Objectif Lune printer driver for Windows. The driver is device-independent, thus ensuring that documents created with any Windows application can be dynamically processed, modified and enhanced before production on virtually any device. The end result is a fully formatted, variable content document driven by your own business rules, ready for printing, emailing, faxing and archiving.*

  • Support for Windows: PlanetPress Suite runs on Windows Vista, Server 2008, XP and Server 2003. PlanetPress Suite can be installed on one or multiple workstations or servers (physical or virtual) and linked through workflow communication objects to work together and distribute processing across your business.

Enabling business communications

Business documents play a central role in the communications between organizations and their clients. Invoices, statements, financial reports; every document sent to your customer is an opportunity for new business. With the right technology, you can create business documents and customer communications that help you develop, maintain and grow your business.

Customer communications impact every department of your organization. The right solution will allow you to communicate more effectively with your current customers as well as to quickly implement strategies and processes to respond to future needs.

Process Owners

Increase productivity and profitability

  • Improve existing processes and reduce production delays
  • Do more in less time

Business Managers

Turn every communication into an opportunity to build loyalty and fuel sales

  • Convert data into targeted, relevant business communications
  • Efficiently slash document-processing costs

Marketing Professionals

Drive more business with better communications

  • Quickly respond to market opportunities
  • Easily enhance existing documents
  • Transform business documents into attractive advertising vehicles with transpromo messages

IT Professionals

Improve your business processes with no change to the system in place

  • Implement a single and proven solution for all your documents and forms
  • Make no change to your infrastructure and ensure compliancy with enterprise applications
  • Automate tasks and reduce your workload

Finance Executives

Use technology to create revenues and benefit from a speedy ROI

  • Reduce labor costs and associated production turnaround
  • Accelerate distribution process, speed up the payment and reduce postal costs
  • Use digital archiving and reduce the cost of customer service
  • Maximize your marketing budget to create sales opportunities